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Last Two Study Guides Due

Final exam today!!!

Bring all of your daily activities and don't forget to bring your books!

One double sided 3x5 index card is allowed on the test.


Isomers of Hexane Worksheet
Naming hydrocarbons worksheet
p. 721 #25, 26 p. 746 #11b, p. 753 #14, 15abcdf, 16 p. 773 #1
Organic Chemistry Study Guide (print out below)

Also, finish acid/base/reaction rate/equil. study guide

Organic Chemistry Test tomorrow!

Print out final exam study guides (below)!


p. 640 #1-3, p. 642 #4, 5 (write down the oxidation number for ALL elements in the compounds), p. 643 #8, 9
Redox Balancing Worksheet #1
Redox Balancing Worksheet #2
Stoich study guide (It is under the next day's homework)

Finish shiny glass lab!

Study for quiz!

Print out Fill-In Notes...Last one!!!


p. 621 #30-32
Study Guide

Finish Lab

Some answers:
#30: 0.220M, #31: 0.2167M, #32: 1.178M

Study guide book answers:
#87b: 7.7x10^-13M, #88b: 10.24, #89b: pOH=1.89 and pH=12.11, #90c: 11.87, #90d: 13.64
#95: 0.5015M, #96: 0.1738M, #97a: [H+]=1.0x10^-3M, [OH-]=1.0x10^-11M
#97b: [H+]=5.8x10^-6M, [OH-]=1.7x10^-9M
#100: 475mL, #101: 4.63

Print out Redox Notes

Optional practice problems:

Ka expression practice: p. 884 #7-10 (for #8, there is a typo. It is supposed to be a subscript 3, not superscript)
pH practice: p. 884 #11-19
Ka practice: p. 616 #23ab, p. 632 #91, 92, p. 884 #21

Optional practice problems selected answers:

p. 884
11: acidic
12: acidic
13: 3.35
14: pH=11.94, pOH=2.06
15: pH=5.57, pOH=8.43
16: 0.0012M
17: 0.36M
18: 3.17
19: 9.53

Ka stuff:
p. 616
23a: 0.0054
23b: 0.011
p. 632
91: 0.0069
92: 0.0014
p. 884
20: 2.2x10^ -9
21: 1.4 x 10^ -5


Properties of Acids and Bases Worksheet (Don't do p. 468 #21-23)
p. 609 #18, p. 610 #19, p. 612 #20, p. 614 #21, 22

Finish Lab



Approaching Equilibrium Worksheet
Le Chatelier's Principle Worksheet
Equilibrium Constant Worksheet
p. 576 #16, p. 591 #65 and p. 592 #66, p. 883 Ch. 18 #1-6, 7-9

Kinetics and Equilibrium Test tomorrow!

Print out Acid/Base Notes

p. 576:
16a: 0.144M, b: 0.169M, c: 0.177M
65: 0.131M
66: 0.00020M
p. 883
7: 66.9
8: 0.0665
9a: 0.135M
9b: 0.948M

Optional study guide below.


Potential Energy Diagram Worksheet
Factors Affecting reaction rates Worksheet
Reaction Rates Worksheet

Study for quiz!

Print out fill-in notes below (Equilibrium)


Concentration Units Worksheet
Solubility curve worksheet
p. 484 #48, 49, 57, 58; p. 485 #80-82, p. 486 #95

Finish Lab

Print out Kinetics notes.

Test on solutions, Monday!


Specific Heat Worksheet
Calorimetry Worksheet
Heating/Cooling Curve Worksheet
Thermo Study Guide

Study for Thermo Test!

Print out Fill-In Notes for Solutions


Ideal Gas Law Worksheet
p. 388 #1-2, 392 4-6, p. 878 Ch. 13 #1-2, p. 879 Ch. 13 #4, p. 417 #8-10 (MC ?'s), p. 438 #47-49
Gases Study Guide
IMF Worksheet

Study for Gases/IMF Test

Print out Fill-In Notes for Thermo


Study for Gases Quiz

Boyle's/Charles's Law Worksheet
Gas Law Worksheet
Mole and Volume Worksheet

Finish your labs!

Print out Fill-In Notes for IMF


Limiting Reactant Worksheet
NOTE: #2 and #3 are incorrect. you're supposed to find sodium nitrate for #2 and calcium phosphate for #3. sorry!
Percent Yield Worksheet
Stoich Study Guide
Finish Rice Krispie Lab!!!

Answers to textbook problems on the worksheets:

p. 368 #20a: Fe2O3 b: Na c: 69.92g Fe d: 13.6g Na
#21a: CO2 b: H2O 28.0g c: 60.0g
p.372 #27: 92.1%
#28: 68.0g Ag, 88.2%
#29: 610.3g ZnI2, 88.48%
p. 380 #77: 4.0 mol Fe(OH)2
#80: 39.8g NH3
p. 381 #85a: 186.6g PbO b: 91.10%

Answers to the Worksheet problems:
LR Worksheet:
Ex. 1: 50.7g I2
Ex. 2: 12.4g ZnO
#2: 31.85g ~ 30g NaNO3
#3: 46.27g ~ 46g Ca3(PO4)2
Percent Yield Worksheet:
Ex. 1: 78.3%
Ex. 2: 51%

Answers to the study guide:
1a: 18.8g SO2
1b: 494.7g H2O
2, System #1a: 1, 2, 1, 1 b: 5.78g Ca(OH)2 c: CaC2 d: 2.2g H2O
2, System #2a: 1, 1, 5, 4, 1 b: 6.15g H3BO3 c: Na2B4O7 d: 2.6g H2SO4, 2.8g H2O
3a: 15.4g PbI2
3b: 56.3%
4a: 0.307mol O2
4b: 0.313mol NO2 (14.4g NO2)
4c: 1.3mol N2O
4d: 4.00mol NO2, 93.8% yield

Stoich TEST!!!!!! Don't forget to study for it!

Print out gas notes!


Study guides for Finals: Print out!!!

Study for Final! This will cover everything from the beginning up until the end of 1st period Wednesday, June 30th.


Balancing Chemical Reactions Worksheet
Word to Formula Practice/Reaction Prediction Worksheet
Equations Study Guide

Print out Fill-In Notes for Stoich


Moles and Mass Worksheet
EF and MF Worksheet (Optional)
Mole Study Guide (DO NOT write on the answers!!!)

Print out Fill-in Notes for Equations

Start studying for your final!


Types of Chemical Bonds Worksheet
Lewis Structure Worksheet
Study Guide (attached below!)

Print out Fill-In Notes for the mole chapter!


Structure of Sodium Chloride Worksheet
Ionic naming/formula Worksheet
p. 225 #24, 25, 26, 28; p. 226 #31, 32; p. 238 #76, 88cde

Print out Fill-In Notes for Covalent Bonding

Finish Lab


Transparency 14/16 Worksheet
Periodic Table Worksheet
Periodic Trends Worksheet (5-3 Practice Problems)
Color Periodic Table

Study for periodic table test

Print out Fill-In Notes Below (Ionic Bonding)


Electron configuration worksheet
Electron Configuration Homework (P, K, Zn, Te, Se, Sr, Te2-, Ba+, U) Even-Electron Configuration Odd-Noble Gas Configuration
Study Guide (print out below)

Print out Periodic Table Fill-In Notes

Study for Electrons Qu-est!


Half-Life Worksheets
Balancing Nuclear Equations Worksheets
p. 819 #17-19, p. 113 #68
Study Guide (Print out below!!!)

Study for Ch. 4 & 25 Test

Print out Electrons Fill-In Notes


p. 51 #80, 83, 85 and p. 52 #93abdf
SI Units Worksheet
Scientific Notation Worksheet
Factor Label Worksheet
p. 39 #31, 32 and p. 41 #33-36 and p. 42 #37, 38
Types of Matter Worksheet
Physical/Chemical Properties and Changes Worksheet

Print out Fill-In Notes for Wednesday

Study for test


p. 91 #3, p. 97 #7-9, p. 873 #4-6 (the first ones...the ones that are a part of chapter 4)
Isotopes Worksheet
Atomic Structure Worksheet

Study for element quiz!

Print out Fill-In Notes for nuclear chemistry if you haven't yet


Get the following signed:

-Rules and Expectation Sheet (Lim)
-Rules and Expectation Sheet (WHS)
-Safety Contract

Have your textbook covered!!!

Print out Fill-in Notes for tomorrow

Complete Scientific Method Worksheet and p. 9: #6, 7, 9, 10 and p. 13: #11, 12, 16