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Welcome to Mrs. Lim-Hays' website about her English classes.  Check here for information about homework, class projects and useful links. 

Recommended resources for effective online-learning and study habits:
• A space to work free from distractions
• Good headphones or earbuds to participate in discussions
• A routine that includes enough sleep, exercise and healthy meals


Homework/Classwork Policy:

• No late work except for legal and excused absences verified by attendance.
• Absent students should check online for missed work. (1 day allowed for each day absent).
Cheating/Plagiarism: All work submitted must be the student's own honest effort and thinking.  Duplicates of other's work will earn a 0 and will be reported to the GLC.




Register for Turnitin.com

Click "create an account"
Enter the class ID and password (for your period).

If you have ever had a Turnitin account, you should continue using it for any new classes you are taking which require Turnitin. You should not create another Turnitin account when you receive a new Class ID# and Class Password  Instead, you can add any number of classes to your already existing account. To enroll in a class using your pre-existing account, please do the following:

  1. Log into your account by typing the email address and password* you used previously.
  2. Once logged into your account, click on the “Enroll in a Class” tab to the upper left of the screen.  Type the numeric class ID# and the case-sensitive class enrollment password that your instructor has given you.
*If you do not remember your account password, you can navigate to https://www.turnitin.com/password_reset1.asp to reset your password.
Period 1:  
ID:  25544438
PW:  eng2per1
Period 2:
ID:  25544642
PW:  eng2per2
Period 4:
ID:  25544664
PW:  eng2per4
Period 5:
ID:  25544694
PW:  eng3per5
Period 6:
ID:  25544716
PW:  eng3per6