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Cyber Safety

Below are some resources parents can use to talk to their child about Internet and cell phone safety.  While there are so many potential  benefits to Internet use, there are also a variety of problems that can come from the internet, social media, and cell phones.  A few of these documents are from “The Cyber Safety Cop,” a law enforcement officer who has put together several very useful resources for parents trying to help their children safely navigate the digital world.  These and other resources located at http://www.cybersafetycop.com/ are wonderful tools, but the most important aspect to Internet, social media, and cell phone safety is an open, honest, and continual conversation between parents and children about their actions and choices.
The Social Dilemma is an eye-opening and downright jaw-dropping at points, the documentary released in September 2020 highlights just how dependent we are on our smartphones and what constantly staring at a screen full of apps does to our mental health. As parents, we know the importance of practicing what we preach, however, staying off our favorite apps or work email is easier said than done.

Parents who want to reevaluate their family's relationship with social media should consider the following takeaways from The Social Dilemma. We recommend you watch this documentary with your family. See the trailer below.