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Academic Design Program

NEW: Visit the ADP Web Site Here: Academic Design Program

What is  the Academic Design Program?

The Academic Design Program (ADP) is a standards-based, integrated approach to learning. Using the Design-Based Learning methodology, Math, Social Science, and English are brought together as the students work through real-world problems in search of real-world solutions. Students will see the application of math, experience the history, and enhance reading, writing and communication skills to work towards developing 21st Century thinking proficiency.

Program Benefits

  • Meets A-G requirements (i.e., college or university prep)
  • Students in ADP maintain eligibility for athletics and co-curricular activities and share common lunch with the entire student body
  • Emphasis on hands-on activities, real-world problem-solving, interaction, and communication
  • A dedicated core of academic teachers for English and Social Studies; curriculum is set by the state and common core standards for all subjects
  • Small learning community--class sizes smaller than average
  • ADP classes are scheduled for up to three periods a day, allowing students to participate in a full selection of electives and other activities for the remainder of the school day
  • Chromebooks, desktop computers, and iPads using word processing, design, photo, movie, music
  • One, two, and three-year program participation options
  • Opportunity for involvement through ADP Council and classroom leadership


The Academic Design Program emphasizes the 5 C's of Common Core:

  • Creativity: students design original solutions to multidimensional problems; they build 3-dimensional objects and structures
  • Collaboration: students work in teams, sharing ideas and drawing conclusions from the interactions; work-based learning experiences are built in to Challenges through the year
  • Critical Thinking: all solutions to problems must be "never before seen" and apply the concepts of core academic subjects
  • Communication: students have informal class discussions and reflections of the curriculum verbally and/or in writing; they present solutions live, in class or via other multi-media resources
  • Citizenship: students are in work groups throughout the year and have rights, privileges and responsibilities within those groups as well as across the program

The ADP Team:

  • Emily Alder--English and History ealder@wvusd.k12.ca.us
  • Jenny Alegre--Counselor aalegre@wvusd.k12.ca.us
  • Kate Borihane--English kborihane@wvusd.k12.ca.us
  • Justin Panlilio--History jpanlilio@wvusd.k12.ca.us
  • Jennifer L. Sorbara--Program Coordinator, Math jsorbara@wvusd.k12.ca.us
Check out the article from the San Gabriel Valley Tribune:
Background image Acacemic Design Program - Math; Credit Recovery Jennifer  Sorbara`s profile picture
Acacemic Design Program - Math; Credit Recovery Jennifer Sorbara
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