Great news! Starting in July, AP is launching a new online service that you will use to view and send your AP scores.

Online AP Scores

To get your scores online in July, you will need a College Board accountsign up or sign in now to ensure you can get your AP Exam scores when they are available. (you may already have one if you took the SAT) and your AP number or student ID number.

Visit apscore.orgwhere you can learn the details around creating a College Board account, Exam score FAQs and more will (OPEN) open in a new window. for more information and answers to frequently asked questions. Be sure to check back in the coming months for updated information and resources.

If you need to send your scores (2012 and earlier) to colleges before July, visit Score Reporting Services for more information.

About AP Scores

Completing an AP course and exam is a huge accomplishment. You should feel very proud about the work you’ve done and the skills you’ve learned. Your AP score is one way to share this accomplishment with others, like colleges and universities. The final exam score is reported on a scale from 1–5 and shows how well you’ve mastered the content of the course.

Scores of 3, 4, or 5 can also get you credit for a college course or enable you to skip the equivalent college course (this is known as advanced placement). Policies vary by college – explore credit policiesfor Colleges and Universities will (OPEN) open in a new window to learn more. To be considered for credit or placement, you must send your official AP score report to the college you’re planning to attend.