Parent Portal
If you need a Parent Portal Verification Code, please email Dr. Mason in our Technology Center by clicking here

Parent Portal is our online system you can use to view your student's progress in their current classes, as well as see attendance records and other student information. You can view this information when you log into Parent Portal through any internet connection. Once you receive your verification code from our office, the PDF files listed below will help you create your account and answer a number of Frequently Asked Questions.
Please remember that different assignments take various lengths of time to grade. For example, a short quiz or multiple choice exam can be graded faster than an essay or research paper. Please keep this in mind as most of our teachers see over 170 students each day and there is a time factor to grade and record each assignment.
We hope you will take advantage of this technology that has now been incorporated into Walnut High School’s many forms of communication with parents.

If you signed up for Parent Portal at a previous WVUSD school or during Summer School, your account still works using your existing login; parents can access Parent Portal by clicking this link: Parent Portal.

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