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SEL Resources

Mrs. Idris, Ms. Chai, Mrs. Ramer, Mr. Panlilio, Ms. Beemer, Mr. Tran, Ms. Shah, Mr. Schultz and I collaborated to create a resource video on mindfulness.  We are all finding that distance learning has created an inordinate amount of stress and anxiety for our students. Our solution is to provide a video that not only defines mindfulness but shows teachers practicing mindfulness in their own lives. 

This is a six minute video that includes the last 5 chapters of Danny Penman’s and Mark William’s interpretation of mindful living.  It includes multiple exercises that are easy to integrate into a student’s everyday life, and there is an intense focus on the ability to enjoy life, even during difficult moments, using mindfulness.

Mindset is a book written by Carol Dweck that explores how your mental habits can change your mindset to better your relationships, academics and ultimately- your career.  This video will guide your through eight reflective questions meant to help you understand your current mindset and grow into an even better one.