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Welcome to the Grade Level Coordinator page.  It is our goal to provide you with resources relevant to College & Career planning and keep you up to date with everything happening in your graduating class.  We are here to support you academically and social/emotionally.  Please visit your GLC's class page for class related information.


At Walnut High School, the mission of the Grade Level Coordinators is to act as support staff to the entire community. We guide students emotionally, intellectually and strategically through their high school years, and empower them to achieve their individual goals. We communicate with parents and provide resources to help their students mature into capable, well-educated and responsible adults, and collaborate with teachers to bring the best academic preparation to students possible.



With the support of the Grade Level Coordinators, Walnut High School will graduate students who tackle future endeavors and become Resilient, self aware life long learners who know how to be positive and productive community members.

About the GLC Model
The Grade Level Coordinator (GLC) program replaced the traditional counselor system at Walnut in 1984.  The GLC model is a holistic approach to school counseling. The GLC's are supervised by the Assistant Principal and each has about 300 students they deal with on a regular basis. This includes: 
                                                                                     - College Counseling
                                                                                 - Personal Counseling 
                                                                                 - Student Discipline
                                                                                 - Attendance
                                                                                 - 8th Grade Orientation
                                                                                 - Summer Registration
GLCs are also responsible for campus supervision and activities supervision. This makes them some of the best known people around. Walnut High credits the GLC program and each GLC with accomplishments such as a drop out rate of less than one percent, a graduation rate of over 98%, and an average daily attendance rate over 95%.
Please visit each grade level web page by clicking on the GLC team page to the right!!