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Grade Level Coordinators (GLCs) » Class of 2024 Mr. Newman & Ms. Alegre

Class of 2024 Mr. Newman & Ms. Alegre

Welcome to the Class of 2024 GLC Web Page. Over the next 3 years, we will continue to use this page to keep
you and your family informed of upcoming pertinent class information.  
Mr. Nathan Newman: Last Name (A-Li) [email protected]
Mrs. Jenny Alegre: Last Name (Lo-Z) [email protected]
The best way to reach your GLC's is via google chat!
Our goal is that you have a successful school year and we believe the following will help with your success:
1. Manage your time well
2. Reach out to your teacher or GLC for academic support if you are struggling with a class
3. Reach out to an adult you trust if you are feeling emotionally or socially overwhelmed
4. Communicate with your parents & teachers regularly 
Junior Year Information:
Junior year is important as you continue to explore your post-secondary plans.  For those of you considering applying to 4  year universities, we recommend you do the following:
1. Have a conversation with your parents about finances and discuss what is in your family budget for college.  Keep in mind you may qualify for financial aide, Cal Grants or other aide.
2. Keep track of your activities but don't just write down your hours and activities.  Keep in mind, you are NOT building a brag sheet, you are learning and contributing to your school and community.  Think about how your activities/extra curricular activities are shaping you or changing you and your perspective about who you are as an individual.  We encourage you to write down your experiences and thoughts so you can write about them when it's time for university applications.
3. Begin to explore colleges and universities and build a list of schools.  Below are some links you may find useful as you build your list of schools.