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2019-2020 Advanced Placement Program


UPDATE: 5/17/2020

College Board has listened to the many complaints regarding issues with last week’s exams and is making adjustments for this week and the makeup exams.  PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING AS IT CONTAINS IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING SUBMISSION OF YOUR EXAMS.


Submitting Exam Responses

We share the deep disappointment of students who were unable to submit responses.

Beginning Monday, May 18, and continuing through the makeup window, there will be a backup email submission process for browser-based exams.

This option will only be available for students who were not able to submit in the standard process—and they must then email their responses immediately following their exam.

These students will see instructions about how to email their response on the page that says, "We Did Not Receive Your Response." The email address that appears on this page will be unique to each student.

Any student testing between May 18–22 who can't successfully upload their response through the exam platform or send it to us by email, will need to request a makeup exam.

To protect the security and validity of exams, we're unable to accept submissions from students who tested May 11–15. However, these students can feel confident that the email option will be in place for them during the makeup exams.

Email submissions will not be available for the World Language exams.


Information for AP students and parents:

Get ready for your online AP exams!  Please review the following information to assure you are prepared and have a successful exam session.  Stay healthy and study hard!

4/28/2020 Collegeboard Update!

New resources are available!  The College Board released the following documents today:

o   AP Testing Guide 2020 (see attached) provides important information about your testing ticket, exam day preparation, what to expect, and scoring.

o   AP Student Exam Day Checklist (see attached)  Please print and complete this checklist.  Have it available on exam day.

o   Explainer Videos are available to give you quick, easily accessible information about your test day experience, what you need to do to prepare, exam security, and more. Explore the playlist. 


·         AP Exam Demo (available May 4)  You should use the clickable exam demo to practice the different ways to submit your exam responses. The demo will help you confirm that your testing device will be able to access and run the online exam. If you can’t access the demo, the final slide of the Testing Guide can help you troubleshoot. Note: The sample content in the demo will be the same for all users and isn't a practice exam.


·         AP Chinese, French, German, and Spanish will be administered using a new dedicated app, the AP World Languages Exam App. Students taking these exams must use this app on smartphones or tablets. This free app will be available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store the week of May 11. College Board will email students and teachers to let them know when the app is available to download.  If you are unsure about accessing the app, or if you don’t have a device, fill out this survey as soon as possible so College Board can help support you.


·         AP Music Theory students will need to print or hand-copy the 2020 Music Theory Answer Sheet (see attached) and gain access to an audio recording app or software before exam day. Please see more information on the website.

From the Collegboard
"We recognize that some students may not have access to the tools and connectivity they need to review AP content online and take the exam. If your students need mobile tools or connectivity, you can reach out to us directly to let us know—just fill out this form by April 24. (Formulario disponible aquí en español.)"

Updates for Students (as of 4/13/2020)

Sign in to see how we’ve:

Highlighted free AP live classes on every student's homepage, and added links to recorded classes on key topics and review concepts.

Enabled all free-response questions to be taken by students at home on any device, without requiring the LockDown Browser.

Provided optional, self-paced student practice, with free-response questions to help students practice their knowledge and skills as they prepare for the exam. Students can see scoring criteria from past exams to help revise their responses.

Added each student's written or uploaded response to their student report, so they can view their response alongside scores and get feedback from teachers.

Helped students stay signed in, especially during online tests.

Welcome to the Advanced Placement (AP) program at Walnut High School
THURSDAY, APRIL 16th- How to Prepare for AP-Home Exams
1. Trevor Packer will be hosting a parent webinar to discuss this year’s at-home exams and how to help students prepare.  If you could share with the parents in your school and other social media outlets, we would appreciate it!




Check for your student ID# ------------------------------------------->>>>>
*** If you requested for an AP course after the deadline, Feb 28th, you are now updated at the bottom of each course page.
- All enrolled AP students must be registered in myap.collegeboard.org  
- You can review all course WHS offerings and prerequisites HERE 
Please review the Payment Deadlines below.
- Last day to order your AP exam is March 13th. Please contact Ms. Dibell or Mr. Chen for more details. Collegeboard LATE FEES now apply ($40.00 + exam cost).
**Friendly Reminder** ---> The AP Open Interest Form will close on Feb 28th. Once grades are crossed referenced, we will post the eligibility list for students. 
Local schools that offer AP Exams:
1) Ganesha High School
1151 Fairplex Dr., Pomona, CA 91768
2) Garey High School
321 W Lexington Ave, Pomona, CA 91766 
3)  Woodbridge High School
2 Meadowbrook, Irvine, CA 92604