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IB-HL Chemistry (Period 5)

Garrett Lim
Fall 2019

Course Description


Welcome to IB HL Chemistry. You have reached the pinnacle of chemistry that WHS has to offer.  This class is designed to meet the requirements of the IB HL curricula. Each student in expected to complete all the assignments presented in class whether you are in IB or not.  You will be also expected to remember a ton of material from BOTH Honors and AP.  Please continually check this website AND your email for updated information, due dates and homework. I am very excited about this class and I look forward to an another amazing year of discovering the wonders of chemistry!  We are going to study organic chemistry!  AHHHH!!!  Get ready for a challenging yet fun year!

IB Test Times:

Paper 1 & 2: Friday, May 15th, 2020 PM (1 h + 2 h 15 m)

Paper 3: Monday, May 18th, 2020 AM (1 h 15 min)

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