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Honors Chemistry (Period 2)

Garrett Lim

Course Description

Welcome to Mr. Lim's Chemistry Honors webpage. This class is designed to help you gain a fundamental background in chemistry and to develop a scientific way of thinking about life. This class is designed to help you succeed on the Common Core test in April and to serve as a foundation if you choose to move on to Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry. I'm excited about what the year has in store for us and I hope that you enjoy the wonderful world of chemistry!

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Finish Spectroscope Lab
Questions to answer:
1. Draw the scale that you see three times and label them fluorescent, incandescent and sunlight.
2. Draw what you see on the scale for the fluorescent light.  Estimate the wavelength of the four brightest bands and label them.
3. Draw what you see on the scale for the incandescent light.

4. What is the difference between the spectra of a fluorescent light and that of an incandescent light?
5. Draw what you see on the scale for sunlight.  If you see them, label the dark lines on your spectra.

6. Why do you think you see the dark lines when you look at the sun but not when you look at the incandescent lightbulb?


Electron Configuration Homework: Electron Configuration for K, Te, Sr^2+, Zn, Te^2-, U


Write the:

Electron configuration for Al, Ti, Be2-
Noble gas configuration for Zr, Th, Sr2+
Orbital Diagram for F, Mg, O, P