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Wellness at Walnut High School

Wellness at Walnut High School:

Our goal at Walnut High School is to continue to build in layers of support and different options and places on campus where students can receive care.

As we begin the year, we want to emphasize the importance of making connections and putting students in need, or in crisis, in touch with another person. Many of the most difficult outcomes happen when isolation is present. If you see something or someone in need do not be passive but perform outreach and get help into the life of the person you worry about.

Administration, GLC’s, Counselors, PC’s, and teachers are all intended to be specific ways to build relationships with students. They are there to break down isolation and provide person to person support. The QR Code is going to be a link to resources online.

Its all built on the research around School Connectedness and the South African greeting of Sawubona. Instead of saying, “Hi" or "What's up" or even "How are you?" Sawubona is the greeting “I see you.” The highest compliment and offering a sense of care and appreciation is to say “I see you” essentially you are valuable and matter. "To be seen" is then one of the greatest gifts you can receive from another person.