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VIDEO: Mustang Messages. Commemorating a Year from a Distance

It all started with a feeling, an idea and a blank fence. The feeling of a year without being on campus and seeing your friends and classmates. The idea of writing your thoughts on paper and hoping others will do the same. Then hanging these thoughts and feeling together on the school fence in hopes that when other students see it, perhaps they do not feel so alone.
Walnut High Community Club is proud to support the idea of “Mustang Messages” started by our school service clubs and led by Nishabell Rubio, Annika Le and the student leaders of Key Club, NHS, Leo, Hand 4 Hope and Care and Connect.
We hope you will visit the Mustang Messages this weekend and read for yourself the heartwarming, heartbreaking, thoughtful and funny messages that the students have written. It will be one way of commemorating this one year away from our school campus. It will also be a way to strengthen our bond as a school community to read and support our students and better understand how they have been feeling.