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International Baccalaureate » IB Course Students

IB Course Students

In addition to offering the full IB Diploma program (IB DP) and Career-Related program (IB CP), WHS is excited to offer the opportunity for students to take IB classes as an IB Course Student.  Students take individual IB courses and have the opportunity to earn college credit.  These students, known as IB “Course” students, can take any of our IB courses (based on availability) and after completing the course requirements and earning a passing score on the IB exam, earn a certificate of completion from IB.  Universities throughout the world recognize that IB courses are very rigorous and like to see these courses on a student’s high school transcript!


Taking IB classes as a Course student is a great opportunity for students to earn additional college credits.  The amount of college credit granted for IB courses varies by university but in some cases can be a substantial amount particularly for the two-year IB Higher Level (HL) courses.  Students are encouraged to contact the admissions offices of individual universities to get more specific information regarding the amount of credit granted for IB classes.


If you have any questions about taking IB classes as a course student, please contact your GLC or the IB Coordinator, Mrs. Idris.


Students may take any of our IB courses (subject to availability) as long as they have met any prerequisites and feel prepared to take a rigorous, college-level course. 



IB Diploma courses offered at Walnut High School

English A: Literature

English A: Literature HL

Language B

Spanish B SL

French B SL

German B SL

Chinese B SL

Individuals and Societies

History of the Americas HL

History SL

Psychology HL

Economics SL

Experimental Sciences  

Biology HL

Biology SL

Chemistry HL

Chemistry SL


Mathematics HL

Mathematics SL